aliens x imagination x dreams x adventures 
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    Wonder World NYC
    June - November, 2019 stay tuned!!!!!
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    The Forgotten East
    Opening Party x Media Day May 2ed 6:30-9:00pm May 4th - July 28th Monday - Friday 11am-9pm 310 Canal Street , New York, NY 10013
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    May 20th - June 2th, 2019 Opening May 20th 6:00pm-8pm Textile Arts Center, LLC., 505 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215
 !! Mini Sculpture Collection Available 
Mini sculpture collection are mini version of artist James Hsieh's original sculpture "alien ant", the idea of this collection is creating affordable art works that can be used and functional in daily life. They are all hand made by the artist, so each of them is definitly one of a kind!!! James Hsieh's works are inspired by his dreams that are full of wild imagination of alien creatures you ever seen before. He is sharing this fantastical journey with you, let the alien ant guide you to James' wonderland!! USE promo code "EXPLORE" to get a free shipping!!!
Stay Dreaming!