Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

False Awakening
2016-2017, 03:43
  In this animation, I play with the idea of jumping between two different dimensions to mimic my dream state, which represents the unpredictable and nonsensical of dream. It also creates a sense of layers to reveal the deepest subconsciousness layer by layer. I’ve kept a dream journal since I came to New York to pursue my master degree in Fine Arts in Parsons. The journal almost preserves all of my thoughts, memories and state of mind that allows me to review the transformation of my mind in a playful way.

  Then I decided to edit these sensations into a video to explore my subconscious mind. From the beginning, the overwhelming environment and repetition suggests the anxiety when I first encounter new cultures and adapt to a new place. Then the curiosity takes place, the character starts to explore and observe the unknown wonderland. During the exploration, he faces some failures and frustration. The failure of communication comes from the missing of the antenna. However, this defect does not frustrate him; instead, it gives him a unique way toward this world. By observing and learning other’s behavior, he can still cross the barrier of language and fit in the community.

  Sometimes I find dream is more real than the reality. Personally, I believe dreams are the purist forms of the subconsciousness, because one’s cannot hide his emotions while dreaming. Although you can hide them on day times, they will eventually reflect in your dreams at night. That’s why dreams are always intrigued me by it’s mystic characteristic. Unpacking dreams is like digging in the deepest subconsciousness, I wonder what will I find.
2016, 03:02
Performance Documentation 

  This performance is created by animating my newest wearable sculpture with my body and interacting with the "Rafflesia". In this video, the interaction represents the failure of the communication (unilateral communication) in between a same species. The sound is the voice/language of "The Wanderer".
Breath of a Nightfall Breeze
2017, 01:31
Video and sound installation

  Memories from my childhood, outside of our tiny backyard, sitting with my grandparents and watch the sunset. When the yellow and orange colors cover all of the blue in the sky, the insects begin to sing. The moment was frozen in my heart, the landscape was branded on my mind. The moment was eternity.